Kin Whitepaper: A Decentralized Ecosystem of Digital Services for Daily Life

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by Kik Interactive, Inc. | May 2017


The authors describe the Kin cryptocurrency as an earnable ERC20 token with a wallet integrated into the Kik app for uses such as shoutout messages, tipping, bot monetization, and brand missions. The paper also discuss the Kin Foundation's goals, some technical considerations surrounding the currency, the token issuance plans, and the founding team



In character, Kin is a pure cryptocurrency of fixed supply. It is fractionally divisible and long-term non-inflationary. However, as described below, only a small portion of the Kin supply will become liquid in the near future, as most of the Kin supply is reserved for the Kin Rewards Engine.


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2017-05 Kin Whitepaper - Chinese Download 23
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2017-06 Kin Rewards Engine Download 15