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The CryptoPapers team is currently one person working in their free time, so the site is undoubtedly missing many great papers. If you would like to add a paper to the collection head over to our GitHub page and follow the instructions for submitting a pull request.

If you do not want to submit a pull request, but would still like to suggest a paper for inclusion, please tweet @crypto_papers with your recommendation and a link to the paper.

Site Enhancements

We would also like to hear from you if you spot any bugs, errors, or areas for improvement. Again, please submit a detailed issue report at our GitHub page or shoot a tweet over to @crypto_papers.


The CryptoPapers project fulfils a personal interest and serves as a learning opportunity. I never intended, nor do I expect, to make money off of the venture. That said, webhosting ain't free and I've invested a fair bit of time in tracking down and including the papers in the library. If you enjoy the site and are feeling super generous, please consider contributing a little bit to one of the following addresses:

  • ETH: 0xA4E0C85376Ee823BD8A34408730203C4387D18dC
  • BTC: 1PXaiBU21ecqrmvf2mjLZc4qaTtu1abcGJ
  • BCH: 1JTEmw49AGT94DNgqjZMfRRmHmz2jo9n6Z
  • LTC: LS7rPDpBjwG4Z2MxmDEFac8JsXoehEiaHW
  • DASH: XqFosEhsE4dWSouZaQFAHwBqez116qej9s
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