Sharpe Capital: Financial Markets Protocol & Investment Platform v2.1

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Oct. 03, 2017


This paper describes the Sharpe Platform Token and plans for its initial distribution via crowdsale. The paper goes on to explain the concept of a trustless trading ledger (to create an immutable record of profits and losses) as well as other aspects of the platform's infrastructure and its quantitative trading model.



The Sharpe Capital Investment Platform brings together a multitude of novel innovations in smart contracts, quantitative trading, machine learning, linguistic analysis and artificial intelligence. Principally, we are issuing Sharpe Platform Tokens (SHP). SHP provides a proof-of-stake that permits platform participants to earn service fees in ETH in exchange for providing sentiment toward global equities and blockchain assets through our web and mobile platforms. Users are rewarded with service fees in proportion to the accuracy of the sentiment they provide, utilising a proof-of-reputation mechanism.