Sense: Rewarding Human Capital

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by Ariel Jalali and Crystal Rose


The author propose that the world does not currently have an efficient way They seek to address this shortcoming with the release of their three products. 1) Sensay, a cross-platform messaging application and bot network that allows users and communities to connect. 2) SENSE, a blockchain based token establishing the first smart contracts to reward a community of knowledge workers for their conversational contributions across Sensay and/or any other application in the ecosystem. And 3) Humans.AI, a protocol with an API that allows developers to access human conversational data asynchronously or in real time, providing passive or active income to the participants in those conversations.



If users earn value for every contribution they make to a network, the incentives align in the favor of each participant. When users own their own data, like a freelancer, they can choose whether or not to sell it and earn revenue on that sale. Creating an economy around human capital value transfer eliminates the need for advertising and the emotional manipulation that comes along with it, potentially providing a better and more fulfilling experience for the users.