NEM Catapult

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by Lon Wong | Nov. 2016


This paper introduces Catapult, an extension of the NEM blockchain that features a highly scalable API gateway server layer that allows for a high transaction throughput, an embedded escrow service, and interoperability. It outlines Catapult's consensus mechanism, potential use cases, and further extensions. The author also provides a comparison with other initiatives (Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Corda).



A major challenge for financial institutions is the inherent inefficiencies of multiple ledgers within their systems. A blockchain solution with multiple ledgers for multiple assets provides a transformation approach to addressing this issue. We present the all new Catapult blockchain solution platform based on the original NEM technology and concepts. An open platform, the solution is designed to bring down the cost of implementation and ownership, and is a solution that will power the present and future needs for blockchain driven solutions. The Catapult solution is architected to allow for easy integration with most applications, and therefore is agnostic to existing banking standards. It allows for interoperability between blockchain instances thereby permitting shareable and non-shareable data to co-exist in a homogenous environment. This paper is intentionally written to address a wide spectrum of readers.