KPR Medical Solutions

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Jan. 2018


KPR is a cryptocurrency that aims to server the medical marijuana market in Australia. The authors provide an industry analysis, marketing plan, company details, the company governance structure, and a risk assessment. The authors provide some information on operations, including the location and outlay of their farm and the composition of their team. Finally, the paper ends with some financial projections, including details on the initial coin offering and subsequent token distribution, two financial forecast including aggressive and conservative assumptions, a cursory profit and loss statement, a break even point assessment, and a balance sheet.



KPR Medical Solutions will provide the two main product categories of the cryptocurrency ‘KPR Coin’ and the produce and supply of medicinal marijuana in Australia. The KPR Coin’s launch as a cryptocurrency is to be available for purchase in exchange for Ethereum. There will be no pre-mining of Coins by the founders and available Coins will cap at 100,000,000 total. The funds raised will be used to commence the medical solutions product. The locally produced product will source power from our new, self-installed renewable energy sources. We intend to strive for both the business and community’s long-term sustainability.


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