Darkcoin: Peer­-to-­Peer Crypto­Currency with Anonymous Blockchain Transactions and an Improved Proof­-of­-Work System

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by Evan Duffield and Kyle Hagan | Mar. 18, 2014


This paper describes DarkSend, a decentralized implementation of CoinJoin in order to anonymize cryptocurrency transactions. It describes DarkSend's collateral system used to defend against attacks and it's pooling of transactions into uniform sizes to improve anonymity. The authors go on the discuss the election and responsibilities of masternodes. Finally, they explain their decision behind a reward curve rather than reward halving, the use of DarkGravityWave to manage difficulty retargeting, and the X11 chained hashing algorithm.

Source: https://dashpay.atlassian.net/wiki


Darkcoin is the first privacy centric cryptographic currency based on Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin. DarkSend, a technology for sending anonymous block transactions is incorporated directly into the client using extensions to the core protocol. An improved proof-­of-­work using a chain of hashing algorithms replaces the SHA256 algorithm and will result in a slower encroachment of more advanced mining technologies (such as ASIC devices). DarkGravityWave is implemented to provide quick response to large mining power fluctuations


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