Setting up a Chaincoin Masternode

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April 2017


A step-by-step guide on setting up a Chaincoin masternode with instructions on setting up a Ubuntu server with Vultr's hosting service, configuring and securing the server, compiling the masternode, managing your masternode, and troubleshooting.



These instructions are correct as of April, 2017, and relate to version 0.9 of chaincoin. We’re going to be setting the masternode up on a Ubuntu server, and assume you’re running Windows. Here’s what you’re going to need: A server running Ubuntu Linux. In this example, we’re going to rent one from You can use your own, but note that we use a slightly older build of Ubuntu (14.04) for compatibility, so if you’re using a newer version you may encounter some issues. A static IP address. Basic UNIX or Linux skills – you’re going to be compiling code, potentially dealing with errors, editing files, connecting via SSH etc.