CanYa Whitepaper v1.6

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Jan. 2018


CanYa seeks to serve as a platform for the exchange of cryptocurrency (namely the CanYa token) for the provision of skilled labor. The paper covers the CanYa token sale and platform, which will operate on the basis of trustless smart contracts. Additionally, it outlines the project budget, roadmap, team, market, and the features of the exisiting CanYa app.



CanYa is the ultimate link between cryptocurrency and the real world. The ERC20-based token is backed by the value of skilled human services with an estimated value of $2tn globally. The token can be exchanged in the platform and converted to real world skilled labour. A freemium subscription model provides a constant demand for the token and a revenue stream for the platform. By integrating fiat payment gateways, CanYaCoin aims to become a legitimate gateway of fiat into crypto, enhancing the entire ecosystem and accelerating mainstream adoption.


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