Autonomous Insurance Network v1.4

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Nov. 2017


The paper begins with an overview of blockchains and prediction markets, and discusses how they concepts can be applied to smart insurance policies. It then proposes to use drones to collect data for insurance assessments and describe the Aigang protocol, which will use this data. The authors also provide an analysis of the competition, a marketing plan, a project roadmap, details on the token sale and funds distribution, and a list of team members.



We at Aigang believe that the future of insurance will be defined by blockchain and crypto technologies, helping create new digital insurance services geared for mobile and digital world. The emergence of IoT industry and growth of smart devices will unlock a potential for insurance services, and unlocking crowd-sourced intelligence which can help understand the data and apply new algorithms for risk and pricing, and thus can offer convenient and easy to manage insurance products. This can be achieved only by using decentralized blockchain platform, as basis for creating insurance protocol, which can embed in any device in the world.