Agora: Bringing Our Voting Systems Into the 21st Century

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Agora is a Swiss-based company that provides a blockchain-based voting mechanism for governments and other institutions. They believe that their product can improve on current paper ballot and electronic voting machine elections by enhancing transparency, privacy, integrity, affordability, and accessibility. The authors describe the Agora network as composed of Bulletin Board (Agora's Skipchain-based blockchain), a tamper-resistant logging mechanism called Cotena, the Bitcoin blockchain as a store of certain data, and the application layer Votapp. The paper goes on to describe the voting process under Agora, digital identities, absentee ballots, and system properties.



Today’s voting systems are slow, costly and exposed to many vulnerabilities that can inhibit free and fair elections. Our team of skilled cryptographers and security scientists has built a blockchain-based solution to provide our partners with a modern, provably secure and cost-effective manner of engaging voters. Elections on Agora’s network are tamper-proof throughout the entire voting process and offer full transparency to voters, third-party auditors and the general public.


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