Verge Blackpaper

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by CryptoRekt | Dec. 24, 2017


Verge is a cryptocurrency that promises increased privacy through Tor and I2P integration. The paper describes the choice of an Electrum based wallet and multi-algorithm support. The paper also provides details about the Wraith Protocol, which allows user to choose between a public or private ledger while preserving anonymity by means of IP obfuscation. The authors also briefly discuss atomic swaps, visp encrypted chat, and bloom filters. Finally the point to planned development of rootstock smart contracts for off-chain transactions.



Wraith Protocol makes it possible to choose between a public or private ledger for the first time in cryptocurrency history, while staying anonymous in both cases. Through this innovative new system, users who value transparency and accountability, e.g. merchants, have the option to have transactions viewable on the blockchain. On the other hand, it also provides an option to those who prefer transactions to vanish entirely. Wraith Protocol allows for complete anonymity to be maintained while providing a safe and secure method of sending and receiving Verge coins without transactions being traceable on a publicly accessible ledger. The update includes stealth Addressing and the latest Tor+SSL integration that will take our core QT users off of clearnet, and migrate them to exclusively operate on the latest Tor network.